Defend Defenders Podcast

Voices of defenders – Beatrice Rukanyanga


Beatrice has in-depth knowledge of the ecological system of the land in which she lives, understanding its most recent threats and sharing her indigenous knowledge. Through her voice we will discover her actions for climate justice, from campaigning in defense of the Bugoma forest to the use of traditional and indigenous techniques of conservation agriculture. 

“I would like to see reduced carbon emission.  Where communities are using alternative sources of energy, they are not destroying the environment and they are also promoting agriculture practices that conserve the environment. ” 

Beatrice is a leader at Kwataniza Women Farmers Group, a Community Based Organizations based in Hoima district. She is a committed climate justice activist energizing women’s dialogue at the community level.


Voices of defenders – Dinah Afoyorwoth


Dinah will take us into her approach on Sexual Reproductive Health and rights of Adolescent Girls and Young Women. She will give us a feedback on her experience in amplifying the voice and enhancing visibility of most-at-risk.

“I campaign for ‘Women voice counts’, that bring up women on board to talk on all the issues that affecting them as far as sexual reproductive health is concerned.” 

Dinah is a Program Assistant at Vijana Corps, and she advocate for Reproductive Health Rights, raising voices of young women and adolescent girls in the communities of Pakwach district (Uganda).


Voices of defenders – Edna Piyic


Edna has long investigated the processes of limitation of women’s rights in property and land ownership. From her voice we will discover how Afrikan traditional society produces serious gender inequalities (specifically her report is on Alur people) and the difficulty for women to access the judicial system, unfair and expensive.

“I would like to live in a world where women are given freedom to inherit the land from their husbands, and even in their families, this will promote coexistence especially with their children”

Edna is a journalist at The New Vision and reporter for Arua One FM. She has practiced journalism for the last seven years and her stories clearly reflect her interest in justice for women and children.  She love elections reporting too, “because a society without good leadership is a doomed one”.


Voices of defenders – Jolly Bategeka


Jolly is a committed activist, gifted to practice actions with great impact. Her words bring us to the essence of ecofeminism, conceived in the traditional cultural relations with Earth and in the healing power of nature. We will move from the #saveBugoma campaign, her efforts for reforestation, to the actions to promote and implement the use of clean energy for cooking that have a limited impact on the use of biomass, to the challenges of fact-finding in the processes of monitoring and reporting of illegal actions in forest reserves.

“Protect forests, means protect attached cultural values.”

Since 2005 Jolly has been taking environmental protection actions as a volunteer and bringing competences acquired with her degree in Forest Science and Environmental Management.


Voices of defenders – Susan Atulinda


Susan gives us her recipe for ecological justice. Participation of women in decision making process on sustainable use of natural resources, organizational change, definition of the responsabilities of the communites, public and Government bodies in relation to ecological system. And about how this is only possible by taking an holistic approach.

“Let’s invest in nature-based solution to serve God and maintain ecosystem wich is vital for food and water supplies, protects against nature disaster, and provide goods and services, key to human wellbeing and economic development “

Susan she currently member at Mid-western Region Anti-Corruption Coalition (MIRAC) in Hoima.


Voices of defenders – Precious Naturinda


As a journalist, Precious with the slogan Talk green, listen green, uses the radio as a platform to share the story of vulnerable people in the communities of Buliisa and Bunyoro regions. She explains how those who live on the shores of Lake Victoria, Lake Albert and other water bodies have become climate refugees, and how land grabbing and evictions resulting from land rights constraints are affecting ecologically sensitive areas. Listening from Precious’s voice allows us to take a journey through her most recent investigations.

“I make sure that environmental conservation is at forefront of everything that I do”

Precious is a journalist working with Uganda Community Green Radio, where she passionately amplifies the voices of local communities, and reports about environmental and human rights issues. She has been in the field of journalism for 10 years having graduated with Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication. She currently works as a senior news editor.


Voices of defenders – Janepher Baitwamasa


We invited Janepher to present her life as an activist and as a woman environmental and human rights defender in the extractive sector. She weave words and worlds to help us see and understand everyday challenges on gender equality, ecological justice, land rights and forced evictions, physical and digital security concerns. In her final message, Janepher speaks in Runyoro language directly to local communities.

“When you stand up to speak for the environment that is being distructed, you are shutted down by the patriarchy”

Janepher is a field officier at Navigators of Development Association (NAVODA) where she advocate in human rights protection in extractive sector, and is a leader at Twerwaneho Empowered Women Association in promoting gender equality, women rights for sustainable development and use of the natural resources for realization of improved communities livelihoods in Hoima and Buliisa districts (Uganda).